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is a singular infrastructure for real-scale testing and validation of marine energy components and systems


The bimep (Biscay Marine Energy Platform) initiative was launched in 2011. It is 80% owned by Ente Vasco de la Energía and 20% owned by the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving)

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Key bimep characteristics

  • Onshore substation fitted with 25 MVA 13.2 / 132 kV transformers
  • 4 13.2 kV / 5MW subsea cables fitted with optic fibre
  • Facilities for installation, trials, tests and operation
  • Resource measurement using an oceanographic buoy and floating Lidar system
  • Dry mate subsea connectors 
  • Possibility of feeding in low voltage power (690 V)
  • Area restricted to the shipping with the perimeter beacons
  • Depth: 50m-­‐90m

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The infrastructure is available to technology and product developers, enabling real-­‐scale research and demonstration of wave energy capture and conversion devices and systems.

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Bimep is located off the coast at Lemoiz-Armintza. It occupies a surface area of 5.3 km2and stands at a distance of 1.7 km from the coast. It is located 15 km from Bilbao Port, one of the most important logistical centres on the European Atlantic axis


offers a complete portfolio of services for speeding up development of marine energy technologies


OccupationOffshore and office space 

Real-­‐time sea and power generation data. Historical information 

Wave predictions in one-­‐hour strips (24h, 48h and 72h)
SecurityAssessment of preparation of the technology to be applied and monitoring of alarmsDevice surveillance and emergency management
EnergyGrid connection and management of sale of the energy produced by device. All revenue passed on to userEnergy quality analysis
VerificationPerformance / Energy matrix
Offshore operations
Device installation and maintenance
Technical analysis
Advanced data analyses and verifications of mechanical, electrical, oceanographic and environmental aspects
Collaboration projects for developing facilitating technologies, resource evaluation, environmental and pre-­‐regulatory aspects.


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