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Alignment between business, research centres and government

translates into intense collaboration in R&D projects


Companies and players in the scientific-technological field of Basque Country are conducting joint activities of R&D in the area of wave energy.This is complemented in parallel by the regional existing expertise in marine renewable energy technologies, based on inter-cluster collaborations with a network of high experienced research groups, based on technological excellence, that are reference in energy wave projects within the EU framework programme such as TECNALIA, which also chairs the ‘Ocean Energy Systems’ association.




Development and viability of offshore wave farms using overdamped point converters.






Network of 16 managers of R&I programmes from 9 European countries to coordinate funding programmes between European countries and regions to support research and innovation in the ocean energysector.






Network of research centers and organisations that aims to streamline and facilitate testing by offering periods of free-of-charge access to world-class test facilities.






European collaborative project funded by the European Commission which provides design tools for deploying the first generation of wave and tidal energy converter arrays.






Development of disruptive technologies for use of renewable marine energy (including wave energy).





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ENERGIBASQUE The Basque Technological and Industrial Development Energy Strategy

Wave energy is one of the prime commitments of the Basque Technological and Industrial Development Strategy (energiBasque). Through this strategy, the Basque government and its support bodies are creating an environment that will promote development of existing capacities in the region's energy industry.


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