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Wave power

is an alternative source of renewable electricity with tremendous future potential


The sea is an abundant, inexhaustible and predictable energy resource. There are a number of ways of converting this energy for use. However, most research and development is concentrating on techniques for harnessing wave movement and to a lesser degree, the use of tide energy. The aim is to attain the technical and economic viability that will make it possible deploy wave energy at a commercial level in the near future.

The countries that are most active in developing and testing wave technology are located along the European Atlantic axis, where the world's as yet largely untapped capacity is concentrated. Wave energy has a total potential of 500GW, from which 320GW correspond to Europe. 

In this sense, it is estimated that by 2050 marine energy could meet 15% of European energy demand, with an estimated installed capacity of 188 GW.

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Commercial exploitation of marine energy from 2020 is forecast to parallel the current development of offshore wind power and earlier trends in onshore wind.


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Various alternatives for capturing energy are being developed and tested. As yet, there is no clear victor


img columna oscilante circulo EN

The waves drive a column of water which pushes the air in a sealed chamber through a two-way air turbine.

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The wave strikes a hinged or flexible structure which transfers the energy.

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img absorbedores puntuales circulo EN

The energy is generated by the movement of a floating body relative to another fixed (anchored or submerged) body.

img absorbedores puntuales

img rebosamiento circulo EN

Operates like a storage vessel, with wave water spilling over the top and being emptied through the bottom via turbines.

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img atenuadores lineales circulo EN

Energy generated by the movement of long, hinged floating devices situated at right-angles to the waves.

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The submerged devices anchored to the seabed move as a result of the pressure gradient force generated by the wave and tidal movements.

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